Quick start guide

  1. Download GUI using instructions
  2. Sign up
  3. Create new workspace
  4. Go to settings sections(gear icon on left top)
  5. Click on freshly created workspace in left menu
  6. Click on Nodes in content area
  7. Click Add new node button on right top corner
  8. Click on Generate key
  9. Click copy to clipboard to copy the secret code for later use in node configuration
  10. Run node using docker(replace XXX with secret code from clipboard)

For cloud:

docker run -e "NODE_NAME=docker_local" \
-e "NODE_KEY_PATH=/etc/nodekey.pem" \
teamshell/node /bin/teamshell node start

For self-hosted:

docker run -e "NODE_NAME=docker_local" \
-e "NODE_KEY_PATH=/etc/nodekey.pem" \
teamshell/node /bin/teamshell node start
  1. You shoud now see the similar output:
May  4 08:16:04.866 [INFO] [app:client] start
May  4 08:16:05.511 [INFO] [app:client] [module:natsClient] connected to shell1.teamshell.com:7890
May  4 08:16:05.511 [WARN] [app:client] [module:node] no services loaded from settings file
May  4 08:16:05.681 [INFO] [app:client] [module:node] 292748b5-82a6-4637-abd4-b95ee47e2cd4 with services [54.bash-on-docker_on_local] registered on server
May  4 08:16:05.682 [INFO] [app:client] [module:graceful] Node started with pid: 1
  1. Notice the automatically created service bash-on-docker_on_local which is available in your workspace service list now:


  1. You can now connect to this service using plus button. The connection will be established to your locally running docker container via cloud server.

  2. Close connection anytime and replay it using Load data button

  3. Edit services(connection list) using settings section -> Workspace -> Nodes -> Node -> Edit button. JSON format is supported.

  4. Invite more users and set appropriate permissions in workspace settings